Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy at CRT is to identify and invest in projects that are relatively low risk, but which offer high return potential which have generally found to primarily be infrastructure projects, most notably tier 1 protocol public chains or exchanges. To date we have raised and invested over $50 million into promising projects during their seed or private round stages.


Exclusive access

We are often granted early access and exclusive private round prices for investment through long-standing relationships with our strategic partners, and will extend these opportunities to our CRT community of investors whenever suitable.



We are creating a progressive process of evaluating projects which is thoroughly vetted by our alliance of global strategic partners.


We create a detailed report through utilizing spider charts to present ratings in a visually easy to compare manner.

Core Evaluation Aspects


Our team of experts examines nuts and bolts along with functionality.

Technology and features


Data metric analysis that predict how profitable investment potentially is.

Token utility and metrics


What makes the project stand out from it's competition.

Competitor analysis


Feasibility of the current roadmap and team competence analysis.

Roadmap, team and advisors

Investor Mindset

Our decision-making process is driven by an investor mindset and is supported by proper due diligence processes and research by our team of experienced analysts and the insight of VCs, industry experts and influencers. We would only recommend projects that we would invest in ourselves and would not promote investments simply for the sake of capital raising.